Dive With Friends

     Grand Cayman Eco Divers is founded on the idea of turning each one of our guests into a friend as we explore and restore our coral reefs.  We work daily to contribute in some way to maintain or improve our local reefs.  Our coral nursery program offers a great way for any of our guests to learn first hand about the delicate nature of coral and might even get a chance to take part in planting a coral colony on one of our amazing reefs.

     Becoming a part of our conservation program is easy!  Introductory dive skills are able to be included as part of our training, and advanced dive skills are always developed to ensure that our students are able to offer the highest level of care for our nursery corals.  We spent all year raising these corals, I would be heartbroken to see anything happen to them at the final moments of interaction.

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     Aaron and Brittany are a husband wife team that have taken a leading role in creating a comprehensive coral restoration program here in Grand Cayman.  We spend our free time monitoring our outplanted coral sites or maintaining the coral nurseries on the West side of Grand Cayman.  Our passion for SCUBA diving leads us back into the Sea again and again, but our dedication to restoration has given us new focus.

     So come join our daily guided dives and learn a little bit about what is happening under the waves or dig deeper and join one of our conservation programs.  Our classes are available for everyone ages ten and up who wish to learn about diving, advance their skills, or even take the first steps into a new career.  No matter what options you choose, know that you will be making two new friends here in Grand Cayman with Eco Divers.

So call us or e-mail, we always look forward to making new friends!

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