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Eco Divers In the news!

These last few weeks have been amazing and we have been able to spend some time in the community spotlight. Cayman 27 news spoke with us about Reef Awareness month: Aaron Hunt receives CCMI Community Coral Champion award at 2018 Festival of the Seas
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Nursery corals appear to have spawned ahead of schedule!

  Eco Divers Reef Foundation 2018 Season Summary. In 2016, we were allowed to harvest some small amounts of coral and place those small, finger sized pieces of coral into a nursery environment.  It was April and Summer would soon arrive bringing with it the first real trial of our nursery program design.  Coral Bleaching…
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Coral Nursery Program

Published on February 21, 2017 Leave a Comment Cayman Islands: Coral Nursery Conservation Program written by ecochiccayman The caribbean has already lost 80% of its coral reefs. Grand Cayman Eco Divers in collaboration with the Cayman Islands Department of Environment and various local dive establishments have teamed up for over a year aspiring to maintain coral…
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Visit our Coral Nurseries

PROJECT: CORAL TREE NURSERY June 8, 2016 · by ecochiccayman · in Ocean Lover. “Over the past 30 years, coral reefs have faced major decline.” – Coral Restoration Foundation Some view the coral reefs as the underwater equivalent of a “rainforest” so to speak. Coral reefs serve to keep the balance of the ocean in…
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Meet the Eco Divers

COME DIVE WITH US… June 5, 2016 · by ecochiccayman · in Eco Travel, Ocean Lover. ·     Come Dive With Us Cayman Eco Divers is an environmentally responsible dive company. They provide safe diving adventures exploring the spectacular coral reefs and historic shipwreck sites found in the Cayman Islands.  Snorkelers are welcome to…
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