Fish Pot Reef

Dive Site: Fish Pot Reef

Location: Georgetown Harbor

Depth Range: 40 ft

Skill Level: Easy

A true gem hiding right in the middle of Georgetown Harbor!  Fish Pot Reef is an easily overlooked site that boasts being a site geared for any guest of any skill level.  Moored in water as shallow as ten foot deep on the top of the reef, snorkelers and new divers can build confidence in the water that sparkles with living coral and shoals of friendly fish.  For more advanced divers, the reef underneath extends down as deep as forty foot and is almost entirely hollow!  Cracks, ledges and tunnels interlace and form a fun series of paths to explore.   As many as nine primary tunnels and more overhangs aboud as you enjoy well lighted chambers, shadowy hallways and interesting wildlife inside the living coral reefs.

Giant Tarpon linger inside many of the tunnels hiding from the midday sun and shimmering shoals of silversides appear seasonally during the Summer.  In between the tunnels, watch for eagle rays, turtles and nurse shark babies that take advantage of the tunnels to find safe places to hide during the daytime.   As you return to the surface, keep watch for hidden octopus that change color and shape in an instant.