Cable Wall

Dive Site: Cable Wall

Location: Seven Mile Beach

Depth Range: 100 ft max

Skill Level: Moderate

Perched as the Southernmost deep wall dive of Seven Mile Beach, Cable Wall acts as a natural separation between Georgetown and the larger Seven Mile beach area.  Most notably is a thick communications cable laid years before by the same ship that rests underwater near the Kittiwake, known as the Doc Paulson.  This communications cable was laid as the first direct line of communication between Grand Cayman and Jamaica.  Looking as the cable descends off the main wall into deep water, the cable is reported to be laid in deep channels thousands of foot below the south side of the island and then on to Jamaica.

Legend has it if you place your ear to the cable, you can hear the people of Jamaica and Grand Cayman talking.  Or your ear will get dirty.... I am sure it's one of those things!

As we descend down the mooring line, the top of the wall reaches up to a easy fifty foot deep, dropping gently down to a small plateau dotted with small coral heads and narrow sand channels.  Watch closely for the many moray eels that thrive in this area.  Large Green morays and the smaller, white spotted eels mix freely here and sometimes come outr to investigate guests.  Remember to keep your eyes sharp!