Eagle Ray Rock

Dive Site: Eagle Ray Rock

Location: South West dive site

Depth Range: 100 ft.

Skill Level: Moderate

Rising from the middle of a huge sand chute, the rocky pinnacle of Eagle Ray Rock is the result of thousands of years of growth and erosion working together to create a truly stunning coral structure.  Located South of Georgetown, Eagle Ray Rock is the first of only three deep dive sites on the entire Southwest corner of the island.  Its relative isolation preventing many other operators from visiting it, makes this a rare treat to experience.

Moored to the top of the pinnacle around fifty foot deep, the structure reaches down to over one hundred and fifty foot and is split by a massive crack down the middle of the reef and has a thin, pinnacle nearby that is just wide enough to swim through one at a time.  After exploring these deep water canyons, we turn North and visit the nearby coral heads separated by narrow sand chutes.  Dropping down to over three hundred foot below and then steeply down to a thousand foot, the pinnacles are often blessed with amazing water clarity and if you watch deep below the white belly of a hammerhead might flash you as they swim upside down deep below.