One Week Student Program

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One Week Student Program

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Day 1:

On our first day in Grand Cayman, we will settle in with an orientation, introduction to written material and pool sessions for Open Water SCUBA skills. In the afternoon, we will take part in two training dives on our shallow reefs. Our focus will be on safety, thoughtful planning and individual attention to each student.

Day 2:

Day two will see our students completing their PADI Open Water certifications and we will start focusing on the coral nurseries. Three dives will take place, with the final dive for the day tending to the coral nursery. PADI Open Water certification will be added to students file.

Day 3:

Newly certified divers will be introduced to boat diving. Local reef health will be monitored and recorded during two dives. Project AWARE certification will be added to students file.

Day 4:

Our fourth day will focus on multiple coral nursery sites. Careful logging of growth and maintenance of sites will occupy students during these dives. Our students will build confidence studying coral colonies growing on the nursery sites.

Day 5:

Our final day of diving will include a chance to visit a large coral outplant site and to help record monitoring data. All this training culminating in students taking part in planting live coral back onto our local reefs. Certification as a Caribbean Coral Restoration Diver will be added to student record.

Join us here at Eco Divers for an amazing chance to discover something new underwater!