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The Discover SCUBA program might be what you are looking for.  Created to allow inexperienced guests a chance to try diving without going through all the effort of becoming certified.  The Discover program can be finished in a single morning and allows limited, guided dives with our staff.   Speak to our staff about group programs for Discover diving.
Advanced Open Water and Recue Diver classes are encouraged for any guest and always include the same advice.  First, tell our staff via email.  Second complete the PADI website online portions for the class you are interested in.  Most activities can be seamlessly included in our daily dives and we always are ready to help you become more comfortable and skilled underwater.
Step one is to talk to our staff via email.  Let us know who you are and how many will be joining you.  The we guide students to the PADI website to complete the online portion of the Open Water course.  The online portion takes several hours and we advise all guests to complete this part at home.  Once you arrive on island, we then guide you into a series of pool activities and then finally into the ocean.  Within two days of arriving, you can be certified and enjoying a rare treat unknown to most of the world!
St Matthews University has patnered with Eco Divers to offer students a rare chance to live on island, learn to dive, and get college credit before the school year starts.  Our program is intended to make your transition to Island Life as seamless and easy as possible.  Family is always welcome to join you and we encourage parents and friends to take an active role in helping students begin a new chapter in their life.
Grand Cayman Eco Divers offers a number of dive training and coral nursery oriented programs that provide between 3 and 12 credit hours accepted at most major US universities.  If you are responding from a program you took part in while in school, then we do have confirmation of credit for your school.  If you have heard about this from a friend, let us know where you attend, and we can verify that your school accepts the credits we are offering.
Mermaid Bubbles has joined Eco Divers and offers a wide range of youth oriented activities for all your little mermaids and sharks.  After diving, you might even want to join Mermaid Bubbles in a relaxing sunset yoga stretch. For children interested in SCUBA, we do offer activities starting as young as ten years old.  Speak to our staff about how we can help each member of your family have an unforgetable vacation.
We always want your memory of Grand Cayman to be the amazing fun you had while visiting, but each of our staff is an EFR and CPR instructor and we work closely with Georgetown Hospital to repond quickly and properly for any guest emergencies.  Grand Cayman also has Decompression chambers at Georgetown Hospital to handle dive related injuries.
Grand Cayman Eco Divers is one of four operators in Grand Cayman selected to act as agents of the Department of Enviroment to grow and manage living coral nurseries.  If you have ever considered doing something to preserve and refresh our living reefs, then please ask any of our staff about how you may become involved.  We offer weekly coral planting and coral nursery visits.
Eco Divers offers two main methods of payment.  We accept both US and Caymanian cash payments and we also accept credit cards.  All our prices are described in US amounts.
We have a hard limit of ten divers that we can take on the Eco Ray.  For most of our activities, we limit our trip size to eight divers.  As a rule, we prefer to run two trips of five guests than one trip of ten.  Part of the pleasure of SCUBA is the experience of isolation underwater.  We believe that this is best upheld by limiting groups to manageable and comfortable limits.
Our normal program includes a wall dive down to max depth 100 foot and then a shallow reef dive to max depth 60 foot.  Typically we advocate fifty minute dives, but for guests with their own computers, we extend the courtesy of allowing you to dive to the plan available based on your computer and air consumption.  We always are concerned with our guests comfort and if you prefer to start off with something a bit shallower, simply comment in your contact email.  Remember, this is YOUR vacation, YOU are the person who we do all this for.
Here at Eco Divers, we always encourage any guest who has spent more than two years out of the water to spend a few minutes with one of our instructors to familiarize your with the equipment and plan we will be diving that day.  Seasoned divers and novice both benefit from this, and inexperienced divers can speak with our friendly staff to get their skills brought back up to par on the way out to the first dive site.  Make sure to let us know in your contact emails that we should allow a little extra time to refresh your skills if you are over two years since last dive or if you feel a refresher is prudent.
Every dive with Eco Divers is led by one of our experienced staff and our eyes are always focused on our guests safety.  Our profiles and routes along each dive site are well established and allow us to seamlessly lead our guests to our favorite spots on the reef while preventing underwater situations that might otherwise turn into problems.
Good news! It is always  sunny underwater!  But in all seriousness, windy or rainyt days do happen, but our boat, the Eco Ray has a fully protected, enclosed cabin area that allows our guests to step inside if the weather ever gets a little uncomfortable.  This also applies on sunny days, our enclosed cabin can provide shelter from the tropical sun if needed.
We keep a cooler of ice water on board and plenty of cups.  We do ask that our guests keep the cups downstairs inside the boat so they do not end up blowing overboard and onto our local reefs.  We do have a minifridge for guests who wish to bring snacks,
We focus our dives on the Southwest corner of Grand Cayman and the Seven Mile region.  This area includes several shipwrecks, many shallow reefs and a variety of deep wall sites for us to enjoy.  Our goal is that you should never have to dive the same site twice!
Absolutely!  Sunscreen is an important part of everyones day here in the tropics.  Remember that spray on sunscreen needs to be rubbed in or it will not stick to you.  Also consider looking for waterproof sunscreen, This avoids the need for repeated applications. Common sunscreen ingredients have been shown to kill or bleach coral at extremely low concentrations (as low as one drop in 6.5 Olympic sized swimming pools).
    • Oxybenzone (Benzophenone-3, BP-3) - Sunscreen ingredient that disrupts coral reproduction, causes coral bleaching, and damages coral DNA. Oxybenzone is found in over 3500 sunscreen products worldwide.
    • Butylparaben - Preservative ingredient shown to cause coral bleaching.
    • Octinoxate (Ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate) - Sunscreen ingredient shown to cause coral bleaching.
    • 4-methylbenzylidene camphor (4MBC) - Sunscreen ingredient                                              shown to cause coral bleaching.
Wetsuits are a normal part of diving almost everywhere in the world.  However, the water temperature here in Grand Cayman tends to hold at 80 degrees or higher year round.  I rarely wear a wetsuit myself, and am certainly in the category of people who get cold easily.  A nice rash guard is a great idea or even just a light skin is usually all most guests need.  If you decide a little something extra would be best, we have a great selection of shorties and jackets to use while diving.
I would recomend a comfortable swimsuit and some sunscreen.  We will have everything else needed on board already.  Of course, many guests have their own gear and we are always happy to help you set up and manage your equipment.  Our rental gear is maintained to a high standard and in most cases your experience will be better for not having to drag a gear bag behind you as you make your way to us.
We depart the Lobster Pot dive center daily at 9 am and then again at 1 pm.  This allows our guests to get a little extra rest each morning and then allows us to choose freely for our first dive site without having to race every other boat for our favorite spots.  If you have a special time requirement, please let us know and we will do everything we can to help make your schedule work.
Our Boat, the Eco Ray is kept moored at the Lobster Pot Dive Center.  We are easy to find.  If you are staying on island, we will be the first set of docks as you enter Georgetown.  If you arrive on a Cruise ship, we are a short walk North from the main cruise ship terminal.