Mermaid Yoga

Mermaid Yoga

Join Mermaid Bubbles in an exciting new journey to a healthier you!  Practice in water and on shore with Mermaid specific skills that will challenge you and develop core strength.  Available at the Riviera Resort, Seven Mile Beach and by request for personal group or individual training.

Take part in our Mermaid challenge!

Mermaid Beach Workout and Yoga

Discover the Mermaid workout that residents have been raving about.  The fat melting, tummy tightening, muscle toning solution to your fitness needs.  People just like you lose weight and get into the best shape of their lives.  Try the Mermaid Beach workout.  Increase your metabolism, strip away body fat and start having fun while you workout!

Mermaid Aqua Yoga.

Water is a great medium to exercise in due to its low impact and possibilities of creating various levels of resistance to suit individual abilities and needs.  It offers the potential to safely extend stretches in ways that are not possible for many people while on land.


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