Resident Coral Restoration Certification

Do you live in Grand Cayman?

Do you love the Sea?

Join the Eco Divers team as a fully trained volunteer.  Our Coral Restoration Distinctive Specialty certification is a PADI certified course that will expand your understanding of the marine reef environment and the threats it faces.  Our one day, two dive course starts with a class session that explains the reality of coral reef resilience and the threats they face worldwide.  Solutions and problems are described as we work together to build understanding of how best to focus on reversing these effects.  Afterward, a dive to help maintain one of our coral nurseries and then another to participate in our program directly and we can add your name to our growing list of volunteers.  Training does not stop there, volunteers are encouraged to join us on our many dives through the year and workshops are regularly held to refine and develop a strong understanding of what we should be looking at or doing underwater.

So look for us on Facebook, or email us direct to find out where our next Sunday morning class will be.