Diving with a mission

 Coral reefs around the world are in dire need of assistance and face an ever increasing range of threats including rising water temperature, storms, predators, bleaching and disease.  The Eco Diver program is focused on forging a new path to sustainable coral reef management.  Our methods are simple, solidly based on existing science and focused on long term solutions that will protect corals for generations to come.

Our training programs work in cooperation with multiple agencies worldwide to develop skilled divers who are trained on effective methods of coral reef management.  Established in 2014, our program has survived its first great obstacle.  We are still here.  But there is much work ahead of us and we are excited to invite you to join our team of Eco Divers.

Becoming a part of our conservation program is easy!  Resident and Expatriate programs are in place to encourage long term volunteers to join us regularly as we grow and return living coral to the reefs around Grand Cayman.  Classes for visitors are available upon request.  We are always excited to have new friends join our program and share in this amazing project.

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     The Eco Divers Reef Foundation is a registered non profit group established in 2018 that is focused on establishing sustainable coral reef management.  We have taken a leading role in creating a comprehensive coral restoration program here in Grand Cayman.  We spend our days monitoring our coral nurseries and transplant sites across the entire Western coast of Grand Cayman..  Our passion for SCUBA diving leads us back into the Sea again and again, but our dedication to restoration has given us new focus.

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Starting in 2019, the Eco Diver team is also working together with Inspire Cayman training as an active mentor and training program for young Caymanians interested in developing leadership skills in the Dive Industry.  Our first students are already skilled divers and regularly engaged in both local events and our coral management program.

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So come join the Eco Diver team.  Learn about what is happening under the waves or dig deeper and join one of our conservation programs.  Our classes are available for everyone ages twelve and up who wish to learn about diving, advance their skills, or even take the first steps into a new career.  No matter what options you choose, know that you will be making two new friends here in Grand Cayman with Eco Divers.

So call us or e-mail, we always look forward to making new friends!

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Learning to dive can change your life. Find out what it takes to become a scuba diver and how you can try it out for size.

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Protecting reefs is our top priority.  We've taken it a step further partnering with the Grand Cayman Department of Environment to create a Coral Nursery Program.

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Mermaid Bubbles

Join Mermaid Bubbles as she explores the underwater world both SCUBA diving and free diving.  Mermaid Bubbles hosts many activities ranging from children's parties, public events and yoga classes up to Freediving programs and SCUBA using mermaid tails.  Those tails are fast too!  Make sure you wait up for all of us using regular fins underwater.

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