Coral Conservation Divemaster program (6 weeks)

6 Week Coral Conservation Program $8,800











If diving is something that calls to a part of your soul you never realized was there, then we have a great option for you.  Available as an individual program or as an addition to an existing Student Coral Conservation Course, our Divemaster program takes things to the next level.  Divemaster is the first of the PADI professional levels and requires a deeper understanding of dive theory, practices and alertness.  Let our experienced staff lead you through the skills required to raise you own fitness and skills to the professional level.

Our Divemaster program is supported by Go Pro Diving and their excellent training to become a full fledged Instructor is a small step away after you complete our Divemaster course.

Your first two days will depend on your experience with SCUBA diving.  Untrained divers will be educated about safe diving procedures and by the third day will be participating in our nursery activities.  Experienced divers will bypass the obligatory training and will begin coral nursery specific training.  All of our students will spend the mornings in class reviewing material and the afternoons underwater learning.

By the third day, each student will be participating in maintaining our nursery sites.  With three locations and nearly on thousand corals to manage, daily visits to the nurseries is vital to maintaining coral health.

Day four will lead into more advanced coral outplant training, discussing outplant and site selection criteria.  Boat dives to explore for suitable outplant sites will expand our students confidence underwater.

Day five and six will involve monitoring outplant sites and each Friday we will move more coral to our outplanted locations.  Student interaction is encouraged and discussions will be an integral part of our morning classes.

As our second week begins, we will move into Advanced Open Water skills.  Every student completing our two week program will be certified as a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver.

During your second week, we will also take part in the Cayman Blue Iguana Conservation and Breeding program here on island.  These amazing, blue Iguanas are critically endangered and we are proud supporters of the Blue Iguana Recovery project.

Further training and education on handling corals will allow our week two students a chance to participate directly in moving and placing corals on our living reefs.

As you enter the third week of our program, we introduce more advanced dive skills and emergency procedures.  By the end of your third week, each student will be certified as a PADI Rescue Diver and be trained in CPR and emergency first aid.

Additional education and training daily underwater will also nurture your understanding of what is required to manage and grow corals then safely return them to our reefs.

Advanced theory regarding safe handling and thoughtful site selection will be critical for our four week program.  Around the world, coral reefs are failing and we must look at not only the reasons why, but how we can work past those issues.

By the end of your fourth week, our program will turn and focus on developing leadership skills in you.  Divemaster is the first level of professional diver and requires a dedicated mind eager to learn.  Education in advanced dive theory, equipment , medical issues and situational awareness will all be the core of daily class sessions.

By the end of your sixth week, you will have completed the most thorough dive training available to non professional divers and participated in a landmark exercise in sustainable, long term coral management.