Armchair Reef

Dive Site: Armchair Reef

Location: South West dive site

Depth Range: 60 ft

Skill Level: Moderate

Carefully hidden from the busy dive sites of Seven Mile Beach, The Southwest corner of Grand Cayman hosts several amazing dive sites.  Armchair Reef is the Northernmost shallow site of the Southwest corner.  Join Eco Divers as we explore a series of complex and ancient coral structures that rise up to thirty foot above you.

Part of the Shallow mini wall structure offshore from the Southern corner of the island, Armchair Reef, gets its name from a sad story that reminds us to be responsible while in the water.  A giant Sponge once adorned this site and its shape was very similar to an armchair.  Divers would often pose sitting in it and the cumulative effect of those small impacts damaged the sponge more and more.  Now, it has passed and there is no remain of it, but the iconic name of the site reminds us that we must be vigilant in our interaction with our reefs.  Our accidental touches or errors might not damage the reef by themselves, but over time they can add up to deadly damage to our favorite animals underwater.

Keep an eye out for enormous Tarpon, nurse sharks, stingrays and moray eels as we explore a massive overhanging cliff that marks the primary dive site.  As we push a little North, there is a  gorgeous crevasse cut into the mini wall that divers can swim inside of and look for lobster and lionfish hiding in the surrounding cracks.  As we return across the top of the reef, the infrequently dove site, shows the benefit of huge gorgonian growth and large stony corals steadily building this living reef.