Killer Pillar

Dive Site: Killer Pillar

Location: Seven Mile Beach

Depth Range: 60 ft

Skill Level: Easy

Killer Pillar seems like a simple enough dive at first glance.  Moored in only twenty five foot, a single ridge of coral drops down to nearly fifty foot and extends off to the West.  Following this mini wall leads to views of healthy coral fingers covered in bushy Gorgonians and with towering stony corals growing tall in the gentle tides.  But then you would have missed why we call this site Killer Pillar.

Turn to the right for a brief moment and there is a shallow ledge that often hides lobster and slightly past that is a smooth hardpan area with no less than three tall mounds of coral appearing out of nowhere.  Pillar Coral to be exact.  Rare anywhere on the island, but almost nonexistent on the West side, this Pillar Coral stands up to seven foot tall and has a distinct shaggy appearance.  Hosted by small shrimps, crabs and even baby eels, these pillars make great photography subjects and offer a unique chance to see the last of a special species of coral in Grand Cayman.