La Mesa

Dive Site: La Mesa

Location: Seven Mile Beach

Depth Range: 60 ft.

Skill Level: Easy

La Mesa.  Spanish for The Mesa.  Learning something new everyday!  One of the two Southernmost shallow dive sites on Seven Mile Beach, La Mesa is part of the juvenile fish nurseries that help keep our deep reefs so healthy and covered with fish!  La Mesa is the remains of a thousand plus year old coral structure that is covered in a thick layer of stony coral and gorgonians.  This abundance of mixed corals makes an ideal place for young fish to hide as they develop.

A large crack in the reef is among the first things you should notice as you drop into the waters around this shallow reef.  Lobster and young Barracuda look to this area as a easy source of food, but they are interested in the small fish and shrimp here.  Curiousity often brings them close to guests and allow you to take pictures of them until their nerve fails and they rush to hiding.