Pageant Beach Reef

Dive Site: Pageant Beach Reef

Location: Georgetown Harbor

Depth Range: 40 ft

Skill Level: Easy

Long ago, Grand Cayman used to hold its annual beauty pageants on the white sandy beaches overlooking this shallow reef.  Nowadays, the pageants have moved into air conditioned venues, but the memories of boats moored offshore watching the spectacle remains.  These shallow reef structures are the furthest north sites in the Georgetown harbor area.  Hollow, like much of the Georgetown reef structures, Pageant Beach Reef hosts several long swim-throughs that are sure to please even the most skilled diver in your group.

These enormous thousand plus year old reefs provide a large area for new divers to hone their skills underwater in a very forgiving environment, and still allow for experienced divers to see and visit structure that is simply unavailable almost anywhere else around the island.  This site is also the source of one of our parent colonies of Staghorn Coral cared for in our Nursery at the Riviera Resort.  We are excited to include the coral from this site in such an important program for the entire island.