Paradise Reef

Dive Site: Paradise Reef

Location: Georgetown Harbor

Depth Range: 40 ft.

Skill Level: Easy

Named long ago before the wreck of the Oro Verde collided with the Paradise reef structure, even today the name is fitting.  One of the most active and vibrant fish populations anywhere around Grand Cayman resides permanently at Paradise reef.  Sharing its structure with two moorings from the wreck of the Oro Verde, this reef  is home to no less than two young turtles who have taken up permanent residence.

Mooring on top of a large pyramid of coral, we can easily head South across the top of the reef easily swimming along around thirty foot deep.  As we come to a mini wall that drops off sharply to fifty foot, we turn slightly West and find ourselves among the wreckage of the Oro Verde.  Sunk so many years ago and fallen to scrap over time.  Keeping the reef on our right side, we find the wreck slipping behind us, and soon the Eco Ray floating gently above our heads as we find yellow headed jawfish hiding in the sand and arrow wrasses curled up underneath nearby overhangs.