Royal Palms

Dive Site: Royal Palms

Location: Seven Mile Beach

Depth Range: 60 ft.

Skill Level: Easy

Named after the island favorite restaurant and bar, Royal Palms is a truly special place to dive.  Formed offer a thousand years as coral built upon coral, a peculiar overhang of coral nearly thirty foot tall splits the massive coral head and allows divers to see a truly amazing underwater structure like nowhere else!

As you do enter the water, we drop down the mooring line and make straightaway to the entrance of the ledge.  Slipping inside, we must be careful not to disturb the large blue vase sponges growing up from the floor.  Hidden among them are many small fish and shrimp Manning little cleaning stations.  If you are patient and watch, the nearby fish will often resume their cleaning.

A giant green moray dwells here, but prefers to stay in his hole, remember that petting morays is often considered a bad idea.  Best to take pictures from a safe distance and continue along.  As you circle the dive site, you might notice the very edge of the overhang is home to many sponges and rare corals.  Hidden between them are basket starfish that only come out at night.

But nighttime here is a special time.  The Basket stars extend three foot across and with a thousand little thin arms they catch plankton drifting by.  Lights from a flashlight cause them to retract, so best to shine near, but not at the delicate starfish.  Octopus also prowl this site at night, stealthily moving from coral to coral searching for fish or crabs to eat.  The night life on the ledge is active also.  Gorilla crabs leave the safety of their sponges and feed at night.  Truly a place for photographers to get a once in a lifetime shot.