Smith Cove

Dive Site: Smith Cove

Location: South West dive site

Depth Range: 45 ft.

Skill Level: Easy


Hidden from view, the Southwest corner of Grand Cayman is home to a small handful of dive sites that boast abundant coral, gorgonian and fish life.  Far away from where most dive operations visit, Smiths Cove is a shallow dive site that sits in the middle of a field of deep coral fingers that rise like mini canyons far to the North and South.

Almost directly under the boat is a wide, shallow arch that often hides nurse sharks or small bands of reef lobsters.  Perhaps one draws n the other for a delicious snack!  As we head in either direction from the mooring, we find ridge after ridge of healthy growing corals that hide tiny cleaning stations busily attended by cleaner fish and small ledges that hide larger animals like eels and baby stingrays.