The Balboa

Dive Site: The Balboa

Location: Georgetown Harbor

Depth Range: 45 ft.

Skill Level: Easy.

Hidden right underneath the Cruise ships that often arrive is a hidden shipwreck from almost a century ago.  Sunk in 1932, the Balboa has sat in the middle of Georgetown Harbor undisturbed until the cruise industry began visiting.  Deciding that removal of the shipwreck would be difficult and costly, the island opted to bring in contractors who used explosives to dismantle the ship in place and today those scattered parts remain resting serene in forty foot of water.

Accessible only by special request with the Harbormaster, the wreck of the Balboa is off limits when Cruise ships are visiting or when shipping vessels might cross over the site, but on those rare days when the harbor is clear........ a magical experience awaits as you investigate an ancient wreck covered with a healthy amount of coral and sponge.  Nurse sharks and morays dwell inside the protective hull and the nearby mini wall of coral is laced with cracks and openings for guests to explore.

At night this site comes alive with basket stars, strange shrimps and delicate corals expanding to feed.  Easily navigable and loaded with many openings and pockets to shine your light into, the Balboa can quickly become your favorite site visited all week.