Wild Hammer

Dive Site: Wild Hammer

Location: Seven Mile Beach

Depth Range: 50 ft.

Skill Level: Easy

Wildhammer is one of the newest sites placed by the Department of Environment for their 365 program.  Offering a new dive somewhere in the Cayman Islands for every day of the year.  This section of gentle rolling coral fingers is loaded with shoaling reef fish and even the sand seems to be full of fish as you find yellow headed jawfish and blennies darting into the sand all around.  Head north or South following the coral fingers and make sure you count how many you have swum past.  You know you have counted right when the boat is right overhead!

While exploring, keep a close eye out for the many types of butterfly fish that live here in small families.  Queen angels and French Angels also travel here often looking for delicious sponges to consume.  Stingrays and turtles can be found lounging around waiting on an easy snack.