Wreck of the Oro Verde

Dive Site: Wreck of the Oro Verde

Location: Seven Mile Beach dive site

Depth Range: 50 ft.

Skill Level: Easy

Sharing a pair of moorings with the nearby Paradise Reef, the twin moorings for the wreck of the Oro Verde lead to a bygone era of diving in Cayman.  Back in the early 1980's the Oro Verde was found stuck on the barrier reef of the North Sound.  Recovered and brought to the Georgetown Harbor, it was eventually sold to Bob Soto Diving for the cost of one dollar and was dragged nearby to where t can be found today.  Sadly, it has moved quite a bit over the years and after crashing into the Paradise Reef structure has collapsed upon itself.

That does not mean it isn't an amazing dive though.  Drawn to the large metal plates and fragments of the wreckage, native fish and corals have gathered in large numbers here.  Perhaps to enjoy the safety found in the large structure or maybe to visit the many guests who snorkel and dive this site daily.  There is always more to any story than just what meets the eye.  Make sure to ask about the rest of the story of the Oro Verde and how it helped make the island really....happy for a few days.