Barracuda Bite

Dive Site: Barracuda Bite

Location: Seven Mile Beach

Depth Range: 100 ft max. 1500 ft to bottom.

Skill Level: Moderate

The West side of Grand Cayman is home to spectacular deep wall dives and Barracuda Bite is among our favorites!  Starting with a easy descent at the front of our boat, we head West and over the edge of the massive coral ridge leading to deep water.  Dropping over the edge, visibility often ranges up to one hundred foot and iridescent blue shimmers below reaching down over a thousand feet.

Keep your eyes turned toward the wall for Lobster, moray eels, nurse sharks and hidden Caribbean King crabs.  But do not forget to look upwards for the random turtle getting a breath of air or into the shimmering blue as Eagle rays or turtles swim by.  Swimming along the main wall, we will approach several gentle outcroppings and patiently work our way back onto the top of the reef as we slowly make our way back near the mooring.  Turtles and angel fish are common guests as we swim past, and might even ignore our approach as they snack on sponges.