Big Table Rock

Dive Site: Big Table Rock

Location: South West dive site

Depth Range: 100 ft

Skill Level: Moderate

The deep sites of the Southwest corner of Grand Cayman are large coral heads, thousands of years old, that reach out of the vast sandy plateau around them.  Big Table Rock is the Southernmost deep dive site on the West of Grand Cayman and took many thousands of years to form.  Rarely dove due to its relative isolation, this site is home to massive gorgonian soft corals and reef building stony corals.  The surrounding sand chutes act as natural pathways for a large amount of stingrays and nurse sharks to move from deep water below into the shallow reefs closer in  to shore.

Big Table Rock is two main coral formations side by side surrounded by sand.  Our boat, Eco Ray, ties off to the mooring in the middle of the larger coral head and as we descend, we take time to fully explore both sections of the reef.  Including descents down the forward deep side face of the reef and then back into the upper reef areas with impressive overhanging ledges worn away by the centuries.  Make sure to keep your eyes peeled as we make our way into these ancient ledges, resting moray eels and cryptic Lionfish hide within the cracks here.