Blackie’s Hole

Dive Site: Blackie’s Hole

Location: South West dive site

Depth Range: 100 ft

Skill Level: Moderate

Blackie's Hole is a part of the Southwest corner of Grand Cayman and is the middle deep dive site there.  Rarely visited by many dive operators due to its far off location, Big Table Rock has benefited by unimpeded growth of both Gorgonian Soft corals and Reef building stony corals.  Individual specimens have grown to massive sizes here and are excellent examples of healthy coral here in the Caribbean.

Blackie's Hole is an enormous coral head that has required thousands of years to develop and hosts a wide, deep crack in its Northern corner that allows divers a chance to penetrate deep inside of the reef.  Seasonal visits by shoaling fish like silversides can turn this crack into an enchanting dive and is always worth a few extra moments enjoying the view.

Look sharp as we explore the massive coral head.  Stingrays, nurse sharks, eagle rays and sea turtles visit this site often and with visibility often exceeding one hundred foot, many of these visitors remain in view for a long time.