Caribean Club Sand Chute

Dive Site: Caribean Club Sand Chute

Location: Seven Mile beach

Depth Range: 100 ft

Skill Level: Moderate

Many Western dive sites are named for popular locations or long standing resorts.  The Caribbean Club is honored with a site offshore from it that hosts one of the few, large sand chutes on the West side of the island.  As we tie to the mooring there, we descend down fifty foot to the reef.  Extending to the South is an enormous sand chute spread out over a hundred foot across and reaching down into the inky blue deep below.  Similar to the sand chutes on the Southern corner of the island, sharks, rays and other large creatures use these natural features as highways connecting the deep water below and the shallow reefs near to shore.

As we explore the nearby reefs, keep your eyes open for "Hero" the Nurse shark rumored to protect divers from curious moray eels.  Large turtles often find snacks among the nearby sponges and often remain stationary and eating while guests come close and pose for photos.  Remember the hardest part of interacting with animals is always refraining from touching such calm and friendly creatures.