Giant Slide

Dive Site: Giant Slide

Location: Seven Mile Beach

Depth Range: 100 ft max

Skill Level: Moderate

Seven Mile Beach has spectacular deep wall dives.  Many are named for on shore locations to make navigation simple, but Giant Slide is named for the massive mini wall that is just a moments swim North of the mooring.  Drop down the line on top of the fifty foot reef top and descend down the main wall as we head North past overhanging ledges, small sand chutes and then to a rocky outcrop.  Often visited by nurse sharks and moray eels, this shelf rises up to around eighty foot then slowly leads back to a second shelf that rises up higher to almost thirty foot from the surface.

Yellow headed jawfish thrive in the sandy plain in front of the shallow plateau and spotted drum fish, angelfish and a massive Culbera Snapper make this shallow miniwall their home.  Friendly Turtles also rest here stopping for a snack of sponge and then slowly swimming back into shallow water.  As we return to the mooring line, take a moment to check the shallow tunnels underneath the mooring for Moray Eels!