Meridian Wall

Dive Site: Meridian Wall

Location: Seven Mile Beach

Depth Range: 100 ft.

Skill Level: Moderate

Seven Mile Beach deep wall sites are often named for locations on shore.  The Meridian resort is one location recognized with a dive site named offshore from it.   One of the steepest sections of the deep reef on Seven Mile Beach, Meridian drops down to over 1500 foot.  Inky darkness stares back up at you as we glide gently slightly off the main wall.  Watch for turtles, eagle rays or moray eels swimming along the reef or sometimes the blue waters underneath us.

As we slowly work back on top of the reef, we return to around fifty foot of water and keep careful watch for Turtles snacking or lobster hiding under coral heads.  Their large antennae reaching out from underneath the Coral, announcing where they are.  Careful not to touch them though.  Their antennas are delicate and can fall off if handled or pulled on.  Best to enjoy from a small distance and let their curiosity draw them out of cover and maybe on top of the reef to investigate you!