USS Kittiwake

Dive Site: USS Kittiwake

Location: West Bay

Depth Range: 65 ft.

Skill Level: Moderate

What is the newest and biggest shipwreck for guests to visit on Grand Cayman?  If you said the Kittiwake, you are correct!  Over 250 foot long and sitting in only 60 foot of water, the Kittiwake is a truly spectacular dive.  Originally used by the US Navy for underwater salvage and recovery missions, it had been decommissioned and put to mothball in the Virginia shipyards until the people of Grand Cayman had the idea to turn it into a dive attraction.  Seven years of work paid off in the Kittiwake with it being opened for Open Water level divers and above to explore.

This wreck has a few hidden gems to be sure.  It was specially prepared so that even novice divers can penetrate it and explore inside after a safety brief and our guides will make sure to show you the best routes around and inside the wreck so you always look forward to seeing it again.  Make sure to check for the mirrors hidden under the staircase, the decompression chamber air bubble and if your timing is right, the silversides hiding deep in the hull.