One Week Student Program

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One Week Coral Conservation Program $1,900

Dive into adventure with Eco Divers.

Our one week program is open to certified divers and anyone willing to learn about SCUBA diving.  Our program allows non divers to spend the first two days earning the PADI Open Water certification.  Certified divers are directed towards coral nursery courses and preparations to head underwater to participate in maintaining and managing our nursery sites.

This exciting one week program allows students and visitors to fast track training required to assist our coral conservation efforts.  Morning classes lead to afternoon dives every day.


When you arrive on Island, you will be met by our staff and brought to your resort room.  An orientation afterwards and a social meeting to get to know you better.  In the morning, the fun begins.


Your first two days will depend on your experience with SCUBA diving.  Untrained divers will be educated about safe diving procedures and by the third day will be participating in our nursery activities.  Experienced divers will bypass the obligatory training and will begin coral nursery specific training.  All of our students will spend the mornings in class reviewing material and the afternoons underwater learning.

By the third day, each student will be participating in maintaining our nursery sites.  With three locations and nearly on thousand corals to manage, daily visits to the nurseries is vital to maintaining coral health.

Day four will lead into more advanced coral outplant training, discussing outplant and site selection criteria.  Boat dives to explore for suitable outplant sites will expand our students confidence underwater.

Day five and six will involve monitoring outplant sites and each Friday we will move more coral to our outplanted locations.  Student interaction is encouraged and discussions will be an integral part of our morning classes.




Join us here at Eco Divers for an amazing chance to discover something new underwater!