Grand Cayman Dive Sites

Grand Cayman Eco Divers visits many exciting Grand Cayman Dive sites daily.  While Grand Cayman and the Cayman Island have hundreds of dive sites for you to enjoy, we've chosen a few of our favorite Grand Cayman Dive sites for you to look at with greater detail.  Please take a moment and scan a few of our favorite sites.  Of course, if you'd like to find out more about any of these sites, or if you'd like to dive with us, please contact us with our contact form, or email us at

  • Wreck of the Oro Verde

    Wreck of the Oro Verde

    Sharing a pair of moorings with the nearby Paradise Reef, the twin moorings for the wreck of the Oro Verde…

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  • Disneyland


      Nestled comfortably in the Southwestern corner of the Island is a dive site that is named more for the…

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  • Smith Cove

    Smith Cove

      Hidden from view, the Southwest corner of Grand Cayman is home to a small handful of dive sites that…

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  • Armchair Reef

    Armchair Reef

    Carefully hidden from the busy dive sites of Seven Mile Beach, The Southwest corner of Grand Cayman hosts several amazing…

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  • Big Table Rock

    Big Table Rock

    The deep sites of the Southwest corner of Grand Cayman are large coral heads, thousands of years old, that reach…

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  • Blackie’s Hole

    Blackie’s Hole

    Blackie's Hole is a part of the Southwest corner of Grand Cayman and is the middle deep dive site there.…

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  • Eagle Ray Rock

    Eagle Ray Rock

    Rising from the middle of a huge sand chute, the rocky pinnacle of Eagle Ray Rock is the result of…

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  • Giant Slide

    Giant Slide

    Seven Mile Beach has spectacular deep wall dives.  Many are named for on shore locations to make navigation simple, but…

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  • Caribean Club Sand Chute

    Caribean Club Sand Chute

    Many Western dive sites are named for popular locations or long standing resorts.  The Caribbean Club is honored with a…

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  • Meridian Wall

    Meridian Wall

    Seven Mile Beach deep wall sites are often named for locations on shore.  The Meridian resort is one location recognized…

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  • Wildlife reef

    Wildlife reef

    This shallow reef is named more for what you might see here than anything on shore.  Part of the Seven…

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  • Killer Pillar

    Killer Pillar

    Killer Pillar seems like a simple enough dive at first glance.  Moored in only twenty five foot, a single ridge…

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  • Wild Hammer

    Wild Hammer

    Wildhammer is one of the newest sites placed by the Department of Environment for their 365 program.  Offering a new…

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  • La Mesa

    La Mesa

    La Mesa.  Spanish for The Mesa.  Learning something new everyday!  One of the two Southernmost shallow dive sites on Seven…

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  • Royal Palms

    Royal Palms

    Named after the island favorite restaurant and bar, Royal Palms is a truly special place to dive.  Formed offer a…

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  • Barracuda Bite

    Barracuda Bite

    The West side of Grand Cayman is home to spectacular deep wall dives and Barracuda Bite is among our favorites!…

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  • Cable Wall

    Cable Wall

    Perched as the Southernmost deep wall dive of Seven Mile Beach, Cable Wall acts as a natural separation between Georgetown…

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  • Paradise Reef

    Paradise Reef

    Named long ago before the wreck of the Oro Verde collided with the Paradise reef structure, even today the name…

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  • Pageant Beach Reef

    Pageant Beach Reef

    Long ago, Grand Cayman used to hold its annual beauty pageants on the white sandy beaches overlooking this shallow reef.…

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  • The Balboa

    The Balboa

    Hidden right underneath the Cruise ships that often arrive is a hidden shipwreck from almost a century ago.  Sunk in…

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  • USS Kittiwake

    USS Kittiwake

    What is the newest and biggest shipwreck for guests to visit on Grand Cayman?  If you said the Kittiwake, you…

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  • Fish Pot Reef

    Fish Pot Reef

    A true gem hiding right in the middle of Georgetown Harbor!  Fish Pot Reef is an easily overlooked site that…

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