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3 Reasons to Get Scuba Certified on Grand Cayman

  1. Location, location, location: Beautiful shorelines, blue water, stunning reefs...how can you beat that?
  2. Warm Water: Why learn to dive in cold waters when you can start your diving adventure in paradise?
  3. Relaxing: Diving is fun, but learning to dive can be stressful. Just add in the additional pressures from everyday life, and the enjoyment evaporates away. However, Grand Cayman has been known to melt away the stress and blow it away with the tropical breeze. Already relaxed and unplugged, you are more open to learning the skills needed to explore our beautiful oceans.

Learn to Dive on Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman Eco Divers is a PADI certified dive training facility that offers both shore based and boat based training activities for all of our guests.  Our experienced Instructors specialize in helping you comfortably learn the skills required to SCUBA dive, but it is our heartfelt love of the ocean that brings our students back again and again to continue their training under the water.

PADI offers several levels of dive certification and we are always keen to make sure you find the level that works best for both your interests and also your timetable.


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Discover Scuba in Grand Cayman

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Discover SCUBA is the first level of dive instruction.  Often reffered to as a Resort Course, this program introduces our guests to the equipment used underwater and shows them how to practice three simple skills while in shallow water.  After the three skills are practiced, we lead our guests on a journey around one of our amazing shallow reefs.  Massive Tarpon, shoals of glittering damselfish and amazing coral outcroppings delight the eyes as your swim through crystal clear water.  All this in less than 2 hours!

Open Water Scuba Certification

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If you've always wanted to take scuba diving lessons, you can beat Grand Cayman as the place to do it. Warm water, full-of-life reefs, and an experienced, passionate team of scuba instructors.

Advanced Open Water Certification

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Advanced Open Water is a second level of dive training that builds on the skills learned during Open Water training.  Focusing on five different activities, we spend two days completing a dive for each activity.  Deep dive and navigation are required activities, but after that we help each guest find activities that interest them and build from there.  Self confidence is forged in those five dives as divers learn about the subtle and important nuances of dive life.

Rescue Diver & EFR Certifications

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Rescue Diver and Emergency First Response courses are available to all Advanced Open Water divers.  These course focus on the physical limitations of diving and how to handle the possible emergencies that could occur during a dive.  Ranging everywhere from sunburn to decompression illness, this course covers it all.  Almost unanimously, divers agree that the Rescue Diver course is the most fulfilling class they take during their dive training.

Specialty Scuba Certifications

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Ever go diving in the dark?  Inside a wreck? Have you heard about Nitrox, but are confused about what it is?  Let us help you build on your interests.  Grand Cayman Eco Divers offers a wide range of PADI specialties and we are even in the process of writing a few ourselves.  Speak to your Instructor today and let us know what we can do to help you grow as a diver.

Divemaster: Go Pro in the Grand Cayman

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Looking to explore a possible career in diving? Looking to build on the skills learned in your Rescue Dive course? Divemaster training goes deep into the heart of dive training covering all aspects of dive life. Theory, Physics, equipment, medical issues, specialties. Each day of Divemaster training helps hone skills underwater and increases understanding of why those skills are important.


Mermaid training is rapidly making itself known around the world.  Join Mermaid Bubbles as she explores the underwater world both SCUBA diving and free diving.  Mermaid Bubbles hosts many activities ranging from children's parties, public events and yoga classes up to Freediving programs and SCUBA using mermaid tails.  Those tails are fast too!  Make sure you wait up for all of us using regular fins underwater.

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