Specialty Scuba Certifications in Grand Cayman


Specialty Scuba Certifications available in Grand Cayman

Ever go diving in the dark? Inside a wreck? Have you heard about Nitrox, but are confused about what it is? Interested in protecting our reefs from the Invasive Lionfish?  Let us helpyou build on your interests. Grand Cayman Eco Divers offers a wide range of PADI specialities and we are even in the process of writing a few ourselves. Speak to your Instructor today and let us know what we can do to help you grow as a diver.



Invasive Lionfish Tracker:  Lionfish belong on the other side of the planet.  But they are here now and present very real problems for our precious Caribbean reefs.  Become part of the solution and join the Eco Divers as we do our part to manage this invasive species.




Coral Restoration Diver:  Would you like to participate in a long term, successful coral management program?  Our customized PADI course educates our volunteers to be contributing members of our coral management program.  Ages 12 and up welcome!

Completion of this course allows residents and visitors to volunteer with the Eco Divers Reef Foundation as a fully trained participant.





Project AWARE Coral Reef Conservation  Did you know that coral reefs around the world are facing serious threats?  Would you like to learn about what you can do to protect them?   Join Eco Divers for an informative class session that teaches about the history of coral management roun the world and the threats we now face.






Deep Diver:  Would you like to be certified to dive beyond 100 ft?  Eco Divers Deep Diver specialty course can show you how to safely plan and conduct dives in excess of 100 ft.  What strange things might you find in the depths?  Advanced certification required to complete course.




Enriched Air/ Nitrox:  Often misunderstood, but always useful!  Are you a skilled diver and are looking for a tool that allows you to stay in the water as long as possible?  Nitrox might be the answer you were looking for!   Speak with our staff and let us teach you about enriched air diving.




Peak Performance Bouyancy:  Everyone sometimes bumps into something while diving, but some do it more than others.  Would you like to learn the secrets that allow Instructors to effortlessly glide through the water and float midwater with ease?  Our staff can help teach you the simple methods that can change your dive from an awkward crawl into a graceful ballet underwater.






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Specialty Courses:

There are a variety of scuba specialties you can try in the Grand Cayman. Here are some of our more popular certifications

  • Invasive Lionfish Tracker:  Learn to properly manage these invasive fish.
  • Coral Restoration Diver:  Completion of this course allows you to join our Eco Divers Reef Foundation volunteer program.
  • Nitrox: Extend your bottom time with enriched air.
  • Project Aware coral reef conservation:  Learn about the troubles coral faces and how you can help.
  • Deep Diver:  Push beyond 100 ft with our deep diver certification.


  • Minimum of 10-12 years of age for most certifications. (note: some certifications have different age requirements)
  • Completion of Open Water or Advanced Diver certification or equivalent
  • Learning materials

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