Mermaid School

Mermaid School

Live your fantasy of becoming a real mermaid.  Let Mermaid Bubbles show you how to safely use a mermaid tail and proper techniques for swimming underwater and at the surface in a mermaid tail.  USOA and PADI certified Mermaid training ensures each guest gets a safe, fun, and informative course that can lead to more complex skills and underater activity wearing your mermaid tail.

Levels of Mermaid Training

Little Mermaid. (Age 6 and up)

Requires ability to swim one pool length unaided before starting class.  The goal is to learn to swim safely with and without a mermaid tail, basic mermaiding skills and an introductory history of mermaids and story.

Real Mermaid (Ages 9 and up)

Require strong swimming experience with ability to to Dolphin Kick.  Expanding upon the basic skills developed for the Little Mermaid class, Real Mermaid explores underwater swimming and fun skills that teach Real Mermaids how to really become mermaids.

Snorkeling Mermaid

Requires a strong swimmer who is interested in snorkeling while wearing the mermaid tails.

Open Water Mermaid (age 13 and up)

Strong swimming experience required to learn about swimming in Open Water, free diving methods and use of SCUBA and snorkeling equipment.  Requires completion of Real Mermaid skills before starting this level of training.

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